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Marvel Schebler Viton Needle And Seat For Allis Chalmers: 170, 175, D15 SN# 9001 And Up, D17, D19, I60, I600 WD45

Marvel schebler viton needle and seat for allis chalmers: 170, 175, d15 sn# 9001 and up, d17, d19, i60, i600 wd45170, 175, D15, D17, D19, WD45 model engine(s).

Catalog Number: AC163
Marvel Schebler Viton Needle and Seat For Allis Chalmers: 170, 175, D15 SN# 9001 and Up, D17, D19, I60, I600 WD45. Replaces Allis Chalmers PN#: 70226458, 226458. Fits Marvel Schebler Carb#: DLTX75, DLTX81, DLTX82, DLTX84, DLTX85, DLTX86, DLTX94, DLTX95, DLTX96, DLTX97, DLTX98, DLTX99, TSX104, TSX105, TSX106, TSX11, TSX135, TSX160, TSX162, TSX168, TSX176, TSX181, TSX185, TSX196, TSX216, TSX221, TSX238, TSX245, TSX249, TSX257, TSX259, TSX268, TSX27, TSX27A, TSX303, TSX307, TSX310, TSX332, TSX342, TSX355, TSX360, TSX364, TSX369, TSX373, TSX374, TSX383, TSX384, TSX385, TSX394, TSX396, TSX397, TSX399, TSX413, TSX414, TSX415, TSX436, TSX441, TSX457, TSX464, TSX466, TSX467, TSX475, TSX477, TSX482, TSX485, TSX488, TSX492, TSX499, TSX505, TSX526, TSX530, TSX548, TSX561, TSX591, TSX602, TSX609, TSX610, TSX615, TSX616, TSX62, TSX625, TSX629, TSX633, TSX639, TSX640, TSX644, TSX647, TSX659, TSX662, TSX666, TSX666-01, TSX669, TSX67, TSX677-1, TSX68, TSX685, TSX688, TSX692, TSX695, TSX706, TSX715, TSX726-1, TSX732, TSX734, TSX738, TSX740, TSX755, TSX756, TSX757, TSX759, TSX765, TSX769, TSX771, TSX772, TSX773, TSX774, TSX775, TSX777, TSX779, TSX780, TSX782, TSX783, TSX784, TSX785, TSX786, TSX786-1, TSX788, TSX791, TSX792, TSX794, TSX795, TSX797, TSX798, TSX799, TSX800, TSX805, TSX806, TSX808, TSX81, TSX810, TSX811, TSX813, TSX814, TSX816, TSX817, TSX819, TSX82, TSX821, TSX823, TSX824, TSX825, TSX835, TSX836, TSX837, TSX838, TSX839, TSX840, TSX843, TSX848, TSX852, TSX853, TSX855, TSX868, TSX880, TSX884, TSX900, TSX903, TSX927, TSX93, TSX934, TSX959, TSX97, TSX974, TSX975, TSX977, TSX99
Price:  $21.90 each
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