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Piston ring set (4-cylinder)

Catalog Number: AC1184
Fits: SOME With 3-7/16" bore, (3) 0.093" compression rings, (2) 0.187" oil rings: B, C, CA, [ D10, D12 (To Sn# 3500) ], IB, RC
3-7/16" bore, (3) 0.093" compression rings, (2) 0.187" oil rings
On some engines discard 1 compression or oil ring as needed
NOTE: Do not order by tractor model only. Due to the many different piston manufacturers, there can be as many as 8 different ring sets available for one particular engine. To ensure you order the correct rings, we will need the following information, 1.) bore size, 2.) thickness of each ring, 3.) how many of each ring thickness per piston. Rings can not be returned if opened. Call or email for price and availability of other sizes.
Price:  $247.15

Call to Order: 866-235-1979
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