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Choke Or Fuel Shut Off Cable Clip

Choke or fuel shut off cable clip

Catalog Number: AC1272
AC Combines - Fits: Industrial: 60 (For choke cable bracket with Marvel Schebler carb # TSX591, TSX783, TSX815, TSX848, TSX853, TSX869, TSX871, TSX928)
Allis Chalmers - Fits: D15 (For choke cable bracket; SN: 9001 and up; with Marvel Schebler carburetor), D17 (For choke cable bracket; SN: 42001 and up; with Marvel Schebler carburetor), [ D19, 170, 175 (For choke cable bracket with Marvel Schebler carburetor) ], [ 7000, 7010, 7020, 7045, 7060, 7080, 7580 (For diesel fuel shut off cable brackets) ], [ Industrial: 500, 510, 512, 600, 612, 614, 621 (For choke cable bracket with Marvel Schebler carb # TSX591, TSX783, TSX815, TSX848, TSX853, TSX869, TSX871, TSX928) ]; Replaces: 70237169, 74047137
Also fits Industrial & Power Units (for choke cable bracket) BUDA w/ carb # TSX160, TSX268, TRX37, TRX38; CLARK w/ carb # TSX79, TSX80, TSX286, TSX289, TSX297, TSX326; CONTINENTAL w/ carb # TSX104, TSX105, TSX106, TSX113, TSX119, TSX133, TSX134, TSX136, TSX140, TSX141, TSX142, TSX144, TSX151, TSX161, TSX173, TSX176, TSX185, TSX194, TSX211, TSX216, TSX238, TSX239, TSX239-1, TSX246, TSX249, TSX257, TSX258, TSX259, TSX269, TSX288, TSX301, TSX303, TSX307, TSX323, TSX330, TSX338, TSX339, TSX341, TSX342, TSX355, TSX364, TSX367, TSX370-1, TSX377, TSX383, TSX385, TSX407, TSX423, TSX436, TSX443, TSX448, TSX453, TSX459, TSX465, TSX482, TSX484, TSX492, TSX525, TSX526, TSX539, TSX548, TSX556, TSX567, TSX569, TSX570, TSX589, TSX595, TSX602, TSX609, TSX629, TSX639, TSX640, TSX647, TSX656, TSX666-1, TSX669, TSX671, TSX677-1, TSX685, TSX691, TSX715, TSX726-1, TSX757, TSX787, TSX793, TSX796, TSX801, TSX803, TSX816, TSX818, TSX820, TSX826, TSX852; DIVCO w/ carb # TSX206, TSX206-1, TSX398; HERCULES w/ carb # TSX369, TSX388, TSX441, TSX457, TSX467, TSX488, TSX734, TSX776, TSX824, TSX851, USX23, USX24, USX25, USX26, USX27, USX28; INGERSOLL w/ carb # TSX465; JAEGER w/ carb # TSX81, TSX103, TSX105, TSX142, TSX238, TSX257, TSX258, TSX259, TSX303, TSX307, TSX330, TSX339, TSX355, TSX383; LEROI w/ carb # TSX135, TSX179, TSX197, TSX310, TSX334, TSX335; ONAN w/ carb # TSX126, TSX128, TSX211, TSX373, TSX481, TSX776-1; WAUKESHA w/ carb # TSX183, TSX413, TSX499, TSX781, TSX792, TSX855; WISCONSIN w/ carb # TSX148, TSX352, VH20, VH22, VH30, VH44, VH45, VH49, VH69, VH71, VH92, VH94.
Replaces Marvel Schebler # 29-81, B110-10
Price:  $20.09 each

Call to Order: 866-235-1979
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