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Brass manifold nut for allis chalmers b, c, ca, d10, d12, d14, d15, h3, i40, i400, i60, i600, ib, rc, wc, wd, wf, gas or lp: wd45B, C, CA, D10, D12, D14, D15, I60, IB, WC, WD, WD45 model engine(s).

Catalog Number: AC101
B, C, CA, D10, D12, D14, D15, I60, IB, WC, WD, WD45
Brass Manifold Nut For Allis Chalmers B, C, CA, D10, D12, D14, D15, H3, I40, I400, I60, I600, IB, RC, WC, WD, WF, Gas or LP: WD45. 3/8"-16" NC. Replaces Allis Chalmers PN#:70239400, 70203441
Price:  $6.68
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