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4-3/4 Curved Lens With Guide Name -- Fits Many Models And Brands

4-3/4" curved lens with "guide" name -- fits many models and brands

Catalog Number: AC1111
Fits: B, C, CA, D10, D12, D14, D15 (up to sn 9001), IB, RC, WC, WD, WD45, WF
FITS: ACS150, ACS152, ACS165, ACS205, IHS351B, IHS351R, IHS351B12V, IHS351R12V, IHS455, IHS473, JDS318V6, JDS318V12, JDS319V6, JDS319V12, JDS466, JDS467, JDS475, JDS476, JDS603 & JDS606, HEADLIGHTS----measures 4 1/2" or 4 3/4", depending on how you measure (directly across the top of the housing, or over the curve of the lense.)---"GUIDE" DISPLAYS NEAR BOTTOM OF LENS --- INTERCHANGEABLE WITH THE ORIGINAL --- DIMPLED OUTER SURFACE
Price:  $32.50 each

Call to Order: 866-235-1979
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